3D Views Add-on


3D Views Add-on


Add-on to an existing Custom Online Design Package


  • (3) 3D Views In Colour

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Visualize your Online Design Package with a 3D rendition of your newly designed space. Colours, shadows, and textures are added - online.

About this package.

This optional add-on helps you visualize your designed space with three-dimensional views in colour. We add shadow, light, texture and more to embellish and help you understand your space before it's complete. These perspective views are an interpretation of the final space and it is not an exact rendition. As we continue to grow and develop our software solutions, we aim to provide a virtual reality 3D walk-thru by 2019 just by using your smartphone and a pair of VR googles (which we will ship to you.)

Good to know.

  • Package can be added to any of the Custom Online Design packages.
  • This service is not available for spaces we have not designed ourselves.
  • Design drawings follow the standards set forth by the NKBA and CIDQ.
  • Design package is completed within 30 days of full-payment, aligning with your selected Custom Online Design package.
  • All details are uploaded into your Studio for you to print and use on your own or with your selected Contractor.