Video Consultation


Video Consultation


Pre-design video consultation


  • 1hr Video Conference by Google Hangouts (Google Account required)

  • 1-on-1 messaging with your designer

  • Client Project Planner ($25 value)

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Begin your design package with a personal video consultation and start to understand your needs & personal style - online.

About this package.

All online design packages are completed with the direct involvement of a qualified and professional interior designer.  Virtual Consultations are 1-on-1 sessions with your designer. We navigate the challenges that you could possibly face in your project, review Review your completed questionnaire, project site measurement, existing photographs, inspiration images, and personal tastes - making adjustments and clarifying points for accuracy. In an industry where "free" design advice is solicited by retailers in-store with sales incentives, the design solutions do not completely focus on you. We provide you solutions that are unbiased and align to your personal goals to meet your form, function, budget, and timeline - all delivered online.

Good to know.

  • Video conferences are delivered by Google Hangouts and a Google Account is required
  • Your log-in details will be sent to you via email on the following business day.
  • All discussion points are uploaded into your Studio for you review.
  • You will have homework to complete and need a computer with internet, a printer/scanner, tape measure, pencil, smartphone with a camera, and paper.
  • This service does not include actual design work as it is designed for general advise or for subscribed clients to have a video call.