Client Project Planner


Client Project Planner


Unlocking the secrets of planning your ideal interior design project.


  • Homeowner challenges

  • Staying on budget

  • The right products & materials

  • Types of professionals

  • Importance of process

  • Homeowner Checklists

  • Complete questionnaire & site-measure kit

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We help homeowners overcome all design challenges by creating spaces that address your needs & reflect your personal style - online.

About this package.

Homeowners are bombarded with confusing information everywhere from print, blogs, and television shows or stations. The information gathered when consuming these shows does not apply to their specific project. It does not account for the four fundamentals of interior design projects where style is personal, the needs are individual, money is only so much, and the time is limited with busy professionals. Our eBook is written simply and taken from years of experience with boots on the ground working in the design trenches - all to help homeowners be informed by a professional so they too can apply the skills and tricks a professional applies to projects.