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You Complete Homework

Tell us about your likes/dislikes, what you need, and complete a site measure. You upload inspiration images, site measure, and existing photographs into your Studio.


We Design Layout Options

Our professional designers will assess your documentation and photographs to design a solution that meets your needs, satisfies safety & planning requirements, is functional, and flows well.


We Source Furniture, Fixtures & Materials

Select furnishings, fixtures, and materials for your design project that fit with the design solution. Suppliers are sourced from online retailers, locally, or we can sell you customized options.


You Execute The Design

All the details are downloadable and printable from your Studio. Execute on your own or with a Contractor. We always provide 90 days of support if you need help.


Great Design Synthesizes Data.

A good online design package will give you a space plan and a products list. A great online design design package is completed by professionals, but includes so much more that pretty things. It evaluates you against your needs and the design aesthetic to produce a completely customized look.


Whats Inside an Articulated Design Package










Drawings & 3D's


Mood Board






Online Invoicing

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Do you come to my home?

Online interior design is 100% virtual and we use video and telephone conferencing. An increasing amount of homeowners are comfortable administering their own design projects with a solid, detailed plan like we provide. Don't worry, we give plenty of guidance in our Design Project Planner eBook.

Where do you shop for home goods?

We shop for your spaces using online retailers with optimal shipping & handling terms for Canadians. We do not shop where currency is not in CAD$ or where you will incur additional customs duty or brokerage fees.

Why don't you charge by the hour?

Packaging design services for a flat fee with a set number of revisions and deliverables is controlled. The largest expense in full-service interior design fees are face-to-face meetings, site meetings, and administration. Eliminating those from our packages means we can charge a one-time flat fee for each package. Our full-service interior design company, Corey Klassen Interior Design, is where all other large-scale work handled.

How many changes can I make to the package?

You receive 1 floor plan and elevation revision, and 1 revision to products. These are completed after we present the 2 or 3 layout options and products for you to review.

Do I receive more than one selection for a product?

We can provide up to 2 options for a particular product, yet more options means more choices and more decisions to make. We do not provide 2 options for every product, just the ones that we think you need to consider.

What do I need to work with Articulated?

You need have a credit card and to be tech savvy with a computer with internet access, video capability (smartphone or computer), and you may need a printer.


Why do I need a professional design plan?

There are few more questions to an interior designer than "Why do I need technical design drawings?" Without technical drawings where will items be installed? How will the Contractor know how to put it together? Who will pay for the extra charges the Contractor will bill to figure it out for you?